Please see our terms and conditions which fully answers this question. In summary if the vehicle is returned to us as you received it, there is no reason why you will not get you full deposit back. We will refund your deposit on the day of return. However there are some situations that may delay either your deposit being refunded or your card being charged for a partial or the full deposit of £1200.

This will include but is not limited to:

  • Any damage to the vehicle interior or exterior including punctured tyres or damaged wheels.
  • Any reported accidents or collisions whether any damage has occurred to any party or not
  • Third party injury
  • Theft of the vehicle or any part of the vehicle
  • Loss or damage to any of the vehicle contents (we do not provide insurance for your possessions)
  • Loss or damage to any optional extras rented from us
  • Fuel tank not being re filled
  • Any other outstanding monies owed to us for rental

Once any matter has been resolved we will refund any money owning to you from your deposit.