Why hire a VW California Camper Van ?

Hiring a camper van is not for everyone, but we guess as you are reading this page it can be assumed you are at least considering it. Many clients have aspirations of buying one or are just simply looking to fulfil a long standing dream to hit the road and be free.

Our vans are the ultimate VW Camper Van they are 2018 factory built T6 Ocean models and the modern day descendent of the iconic VW T2 Camper Vans. They can sleep up to four adults with an upper and a lower double bed and have some facilities on board such as heating, fridge, running cold water and a gas hob to make life easier on the road.

Choosing a Camper Van or Motorhome for your holiday ?

VW Camper Van

If you are looking for a road trip in Scotland, you may be considering what is the best form of transport to hire, a camper van or motorhome. There are of course pros and cons for both and we at Mountain Campers own both. Motorhomes of course offer more room and have additional luxuries  that a Camper Van just cannot provide. But when navigating the unique environment of Scotland’s Highlands there are considerations to be made which in our opinion give the Camper Van a clear edge.


Firstly the road network and landscape can be challenging at all times of the year, and this is where the camper van comes into its own. Large motorhomes struggle with the narrow single track road network , which dominates the highland region and the NC500. Using narrow single track roads with passing places, blind bends and steep inclines are challenging, especially for drivers not used to driving anything bigger than a car. The VW California is a breeze to drive with its automatic gear box and small footprint, it is the ideal way to travel in the Highlands of Scotland taking the stress out of the driving allows you to enjoy the scenery.

Secondly it gives you the freedom to park and easily visit even the most remote of locations which again at times you would struggle to achieve in a motorhome. Stopping and parking for a few hours to do sightseeing or lunch can at times be a challenge in a large motorhome. This also is of benefit if wild camping (see below) allowing you to easily blend in to the environment if done with consideration and care.

Wild Camping, can we do it in a hire vehicle?

Driving off road is not permitted within the terms of the vehicle hire. Legally parking on the roadside overnight must take into consideration the rules of the highway code, road traffic legislation and any local byelaws. The Scotland’s Highlands is a fragile environment and unfortunately a small minority of Campers and Motorhome users have been littering, and polluting the environment with thoughtless and reckless acts.

However parking legally with due care and attention to the local environment can be a rewarding way to experience the freedom of Scotland. Drivers need to be aware of the information contained and provided within Scotland’s Outdoor Access Code (a copy is provided to all drivers). We also personally brief all customers as to how they should conduct themselves if wild camping, to ensure  that they get the best experience from their holiday, whilst sensitively preserving the local environment and supporting local communities.