Our VW Campers include all the items you need to enjoy a comfortable holiday. However we do provide some extra items for an additional charge for those that are undertaking a more challenging adventure or experience. For all current charges please see our 2020 Hire Rates

Additional Drivers:

We charge a very reasonable additional driver charge, for each additional driver placed on the insurance cover. This costs covers the entire hire period and is not a daily charge.

Children’s Booster Seats:

We can provide booster seats on request for an additional small charge per seat for the hire period. These are only suitable for older children and are not suitable for small children, infants or babies who require a suitable car seat. There are two separate isofix points in the rear of the vehicle suitable for two car seat.

Bedding Pack:

We will provide a single double mattress cover and bottom sheet free of charge. There is an additional charge for addtional bedding as some customers prefer to bring their own sleeping bags. We can provide bedding for up to four persons. We can provide an additional mattress cover, bottom sheet, pillows, duvets and towels. Bedding is a set charge and we will provide enough bedding for the number of persons being carried. Advisory: Sleeping bags take up less space than duvets !

Wifi Booster:

We can provide an iBoost Wifi signal booster kit which allows you to pick up weak wifi signals and boost them through a router in the van. This is great in areas of campsites with poor wifi reception or where there are local free wifi signals with poor signals. (Note this is NOT a mobile cellular 3G, 4G 5G solution). It also allows multiple devices to connect off of one connection.

Winter Camping Pack:

If you are hiring during the colder months or simply want to cover all possible weather situations then we recommend that you consider the winter camping pack consisting of a Cali Topper and External Windscreen Cover. The Cali Topper is a cover that goes over the pop up roof when it is raised and provides an additional external waterproof/insulation layer. The external windscreen covers provides a layer of insulation to the windscreen and side windows, this significantly reduces internal condensation on the windscreen and front driver/passenger windows in colder weather.