In short Yes ! You cannot hire a vehicle from us if the address shown on your driving licence address is not your current address. UK driving licences can now be updated online and it normally takes a couple of weeks (if not sooner) to update. It is actually an offence not to have the correct address on your licence which can result in a £1000 fine.

Please see our terms and conditions which fully answers this question. In summary if the vehicle is returned to us as you received it, there is no reason why you will not get you full deposit back. We will refund your deposit on the day of return. However there are some situations that may delay either your deposit being refunded or your card being charged for a partial or the full deposit of £1200.

This will include but is not limited to:

  • Any damage to the vehicle interior or exterior including punctured tyres or damaged wheels.
  • Any reported accidents or collisions whether any damage has occurred to any party or not
  • Third party injury
  • Theft of the vehicle or any part of the vehicle
  • Loss or damage to any of the vehicle contents (we do not provide insurance for your possessions)
  • Loss or damage to any optional extras rented from us
  • Fuel tank not being re filled
  • Any other outstanding monies owed to us for rental

Once any matter has been resolved we will refund any money owning to you from your deposit.

Our Insurers have strict guidance on what is acceptable as a form of proof of address. The main hirer and any additional drivers must individually give the following proof of address documents. Couples living at the same address may provide joint account documents but both persons need to be named on the document. The document must be named correctly, the address MUST match the address on the driving licence, and the document must be dated within 90 days of the start of hire. We cannot hire a vehicle to you unless you comply with this requirement.

Acceptable Documents:

TWO(2) UTILITY BILLS: Electricity, Water, or Gas.


ONE(1) UTILITY BILL: Electricity, Water or Gas AND ONE (1) OF THE FOLLOWING: Bank Statement, Credit Card Statement, Mortgage Statement, Council Tax Bill, Landline Telephone Bill, Landline Internet Bill or Sky/Cable TV Bill.

NOT ACCEPTED AS PROOF OF ADDRESS: Mobile Phone bill, Any Insurance Documents i.e. House or Vehicle Insurance, TV Licence

Wild Camping in Scotland is a very much misused, or probably more accurately, a misunderstood term, especially amongst the Motorhome & Camper Van Community. In terms of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code there are no provisions for using vehicles to ‘Wild Camp’.

We encourage our customers to fully understand the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and adhere to our guidance and Terms and Conditions of Rental which places certain restrictions on what you can do in one of our vehicles.

The Highlands of Scotland is a fragile environment which needs to be preserved. The popularity of the NC500 and other tourist trails have no doubt brought challenges to the infrastructure and environment. But that doesn’t mean we should stop people enjoying this beautiful landscape. It means we all have a responsibility to ensure we preserve the environment by being careful and considerate in what we are doing.

Advice from Scottish Natural Heritage is as follows:

  • Managed caravan/camp sites should be used where possible. More information about campsites and caravan parks can be found on the Scottish Camping and VisitScotland websites, and at VisitScotland iCentres
  • Follow the Highway Code and observe any local guidance, including specific requests not to park overnight in particular places.
  • Follow the general guidance in the Scottish Outdoor Access Code: respect the interests of others, care for the environment and take responsibility for your own actions.
  • Follow the guidance in the Code on parking, taking care not to block forest, estate or farm entrances, and the guidance on litter and human waste. Only empty any chemical toilet waste in designated chemical waste areas.

Generally we do not allow our vehicles to be taken to festivals, music events, raves or other mass gatherings of persons for a common purpose. However we will consider smaller, quieter or specialist gatherings or events. So please ask and we will give you a straight answer. As per our Terms and Conditions you will require express written permission to attend any such event, and without such permission you are breaching your contract and liable to lose your deposit.

We will allow most assistance animals to be carried in our vehicles and we will consider on an individual basis the carriage of other pets. But please do not be offended if we say no. We know our Camper Vans and what type of animal can reasonably be carried in them. We would expect animals not to be left unattended in our vehicles and they are not allowed to sit or climb onto the seating. There is also an additional cleaning fee of £30.

The following requirements are needed to rent one of our vehicles:

25 to 75 years of age

Held a full driving licence for at least two years from one of the following countries: UK, EEA/EU Country, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA.

Have a good driving history

Each hire requires a £1200 deposit to be placed on the vehicle during the hire period. For rentals up to five days this can be pre authorised on a (debit or credit) payment card. For rentals over five days the payment needs to be held in our account. Payment can be made on a credit or debit card. We do not accept cash deposits. At the conclusion of the hire, providing there is no damage or loss to the vehicle and no outstanding insurance claims or charges, the deposit will be fully refunded or released to the hirer.

We recommend customers consider purchasing excess deposit insurance. This gives you cover in the event you lose your deposit due to damage, claim or other event occurring during hire. We cannot provide this cover and cannot recommend any particular company. However there are plenty of online insurance companies that offer this for rental vehicles, just ensure camper vans are covered.

Yes the price is inclusive of comprehensive vehicle insurance. This covers third party liability and damage to our vehicles*. Hirers do have to place down a £1200 excess deposit on the vehicle and will be liable to lose all or part of that excess deposit in the event of damage being caused to the vehicle or a claim being made on the insurance.

*Please see our terms and conditions of rental, which sets out the exclusions and liabilities for insurance.

Yes our VW California Ocean comes with a fitted bicycle rack as standard. It is is capable of holding up to 4 bicycles with a maximum load of 60kg. The maximum load for a single bicycle is 17kg.

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